Price Match Policy

We carry hundred’s of thousands of performance parts and accessories always in stock and constantly monitor the market so we have the lowest prices on the market. To be eligible for a price match, customers need to contact us via email at or by calling us toll free at 1-800-774-5891 extension 1. In order to be eligible for a price match, customers will need to inform us of a few things. First, the item in question for price match must be the same brand/product/model/finish etc. Customers must also provide us with a valid URL link or picture of the advertised product that you are requesting a price match for. 

If the product in question for price match is a special order item we will not be able to offer any price match on the product since it is something we do not stock or carry in our inventory. If a product is showing up as available we will be able to price match that product, subject to our price match policy. 

Processing customer orders at the lower match price is done at the discretion of Motorwise Performance Parts and is subject to evaluation using the terms and conditions below. Any price being matched must factor in both the item price and any shipping and handling fees. The retailer being matched with must be an authorized retailer. We will not price match with unauthorized retailers, since we cannot verify if they are credible or not. We will not match rebate, sponsorship and liquidation prices as well as auction and marketplace sites (such as EBay, Amazon, Craigslists, Kijiji, etc.). We also cannot match coupons, promotional offers, employee discounts and membership club stores. Price match discounts cannot be combined with Motorwise Performance Parts ongoing promotional offers. 

We cannot price match items that are protected by a minimum advertised pricing policy (doing so would violate your warranty and result in us losing our authorized retailer status). We also reserve the right to not perform a price match against any erroneous price listing. 

Please note that as a Canadian retailer we only price match the final price against other Canadian retailers and the product being price matched must be in stock with the competing Canadian business. This is due to ambiguous customs, duties, shipping, and currency conversion fees that cannot be accounted for properly when evaluating an American website.