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Fire Extinguisher

Element Fire 

Element E50 Fire Extinguisher

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Element E50 Fire Extinguisher
  • 80% Smaller and 1/10th The Weight of a Typical 5lb Fire Bottle
  • Non-Pressurized With No Moving Parts Makes Element Safe to Store
  • Weatherproof Not Affected by Extreme Temperature/Humidity
  • Never Expires With a Near Unlimited Shelf Life
  • Non Toxic and Safe to Breathe
  • Clean Discharge Makes No Mess To Clean Up
  • Zero Thrust Discharge Will Not Spread a Liquid Fire
  • Lightweight/Compact Allows Element to Fit Almost Anywhere
  • Easy And Safe To Use
  • Chemically Fights Fires w/o Robbing Breathing Oxygen
  • Internationally Certified and Patented
  • Tested and Used By Police/Military and Special Forces Worldwide

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