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  • BD Diesel
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Turbocharger Insulating Kit

Thermo Tec 

Turbo Insulating Kit

7 Parts

Turbo Insulating Kit
  • Protects And Improves Performance Of Turbo
  • Eliminates Turbo Lag
  • Comes With Substantial Amount Of Material
  • Cut To Fit

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BD Diesel 

Turbocharger Blanket

3 Parts

Turbocharger Blanket
  • Cooler Engine Comp Temps Result In High Density For More Pwr
  • Reduces Under Hood Temp Increasing Life Of Hoses/Harnesses
  • Retains Internal Turbine Housing Temp For Lower Spool Times
  • Custom Fit For Borg Warner T3 S300 Wastegate
  • Fits Most Similar Size Garrett And Holset Turbo Applications
  • Stylized Look With Custom BD Embroidery
  • 12 Months or 24000 Mile Warranty

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