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  • Thermo Tec

Exhaust Wrap Kit

Thermo Tec 

Exhaust Insulation Wrap Kit

4 Parts

Exhaust Insulation Wrap Kit
  • Creates More Horsepower
  • Reduces Temperature Under The Hood
  • Withstands Heat Up To 2000 Degrees
  • Thermo Conductive Technology
  • Controls Heat Build Up And Dissipation

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Woven Repair Active Powergrip

1 Parts

Woven Repair Active Powergrip
  • Great For On The Road Repairs
  • Unroll Tape/Wet And Wrap Dries Into Rock Hard Cast
  • Works On Metals Wood Glass Rubber PVC/Plastics
  • Non Flammable And Waterproof When Cured
  • Temperature Resistant -49F To 293F/-45C To 145C
  • Working Repairs Ready In 30 Minutes
  • Full Strength Achieved In 24 Hours
  • Sandable And Paintable
  • Essential Addition To Any Tool Box Or Repair Kit

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