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O2 Sensor Plug 18MP025

O2 Sensor Plug 18MP025


This product is a universal fit that is not specifically made for any given vehicle. Modifications may or may not be needed to use this product on your vehicle.

PaceSetter Performance
O2 Sensor Plug

Item: 18MP025

O2 Sensor Plug Incl. 25 Plugs 18mm x 1.5 Thread

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Product Description

Manufactured by PaceSetter, these 18 mm O2 sensor weld bungs and plugs are identical to those used on PaceSetters own headers and catalytic converters. The weld bungs are precision-machined from 1"-diameter steel and feature 18mm x 1.5 pitch threads. The steel plugs carry the same 18mm x 1.5 thread to seal the weld bungs where necessary. Available in sets of 10 bungs and 10 plugs, 25 of each and 100 of each. Weld bungs available separately in the same quantities.

Product Features
  • Steel Plug
  • 18 mm. X 1.5 in. Thread To Seal Weld Bungs
  • Made In The USA
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