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40050 Element Fire Element E50 Fire Extinguisher

Element E50 Fire Extinguisher - Handheld - 50 Second Discharge - Weatherproof

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Product Features

  • 80% Smaller and 1/10th The Weight of a Typical 5lb Fire Bottle
  • Non-Pressurized With No Moving Parts Makes Element Safe to Store
  • Weatherproof Not Affected by Extreme Temperature/Humidity
  • Never Expires With a Near Unlimited Shelf Life
  • Non Toxic and Safe to Breathe
  • Clean Discharge Makes No Mess To Clean Up
  • Zero Thrust Discharge Will Not Spread a Liquid Fire
  • Lightweight/Compact Allows Element to Fit Almost Anywhere
  • Easy And Safe To Use
  • Chemically Fights Fires w/o Robbing Breathing Oxygen
  • Internationally Certified and Patented
  • Tested and Used By Police/Military and Special Forces Worldwide

Product Specifications

  • Element E50 Fire Extinguisher
  • Handheld
  • 50 Second Discharge
  • Weatherproof


 Element is the World's smallest and longest lasting fire extinguisher. Offering a discharge of over 5 times longer than a conventional fire extinguisher, Element makes no mess to clean up and is rated for all major fire classes (A, B, C, & K fires). It's compact size is 80% smaller with a weight one tenth of a 5lb fire bottle allowing Element to fit in places other extinguishers can't. Element is weatherproof and not affected by extreme temperature, vibration, or moisture. It has no moving parts and its solid chemical construction never requires any servicing, maintenance, or upkeep giving it an almost unlimited shelf-life. Element fights fires on the molecular level by chemically interrupting the chain of combustion without robbing breathing oxygen and without causing any toxic by-products. Internationally certified and patented, Element has been tested and implemented by Police, Military, and Special Forces around the world.

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Element E50 Fire Extinguisher


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